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And It Was Good is proud to be brought to you by Whats Good, the hottest CBD brand in the world.


What's Good is a unique brand.

We are very proactive in spreading the good news about hemp. As more people are becoming aware of the benefits that cannabis can provide we are proud to be focusing on the good things in life and getting the better of all the adversities we face.

Wellness is very important to us, and we want everyone to be physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy. What's Good uses the high CBD content of hemp to ease and clear the mind of individuals who need help.














Our mission is to help people focus on the good things in life, specifically by clearing the smoke on cannabis. We focus on raising awareness about cannabis and believe that it is beneficial, and want to help people recover from their ailments through the proper application of cannabis. 

What's Good isolates minor cannabinoids to enhance the effects of the natural hemp plant. Our laboratory uses the sustainable practice of a clean, subcritical CO2 extraction process instead of ethanol-related extraction or supercritical extraction. We partnered with hemp farms in West Virginia to stay close to our roots, and we've been lucky enough to learn from industry experts out of the Rocky Mountains. Still, we love and care about our friends and family who are based in the Washington, DC area and across the globe.  


Our culture promotes and appreciates the cannabis industry. Our movement also seeks to motivate and serve people from places heavily damaged by social and economic inequity due to previous cannabis bans. We aim to work with these communities in every state and provide individuals in affected regions with financial and emotional support. We also advocate for the people serving sentences because of being involved in the cannabis industry, as they are the real victims of the war on drugs. We donate to the Last Prisoner Project that helps people harmed by the war on drugs, and help small businesses share their message.



Our gummies, topicals, vapes and tinctures are manufactured by a team of experienced and dynamic individuals. Our topicals are a perfect option for first-time cannabis patients because of their dosing ease.What's Good is committed to offering the finest quality of 100% natural and organic CBD products and is certainly on its way to becoming the number one brand in the hemp market. All What's Good products comprise only pure, and naturally grown CBD obtained from exclusively US-grown hemp. Our staff never compromises the quality and safety of our products and we make sure to get all the products thoroughly evaluated in labs before they reach the market. All our products are free from gluten or any other synthetic ingredients. Our non-psychoactive isolated cannabinoid cream is well acknowledged for its pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, and relaxing properties. A fun way for you to explore its benefits is by trying some of What's Good products. 

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