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I Need To Blog More

Yeah. As previously mentioned, I need to blog more. There's something about writing that stimulates the mind, and helps us think more clearly. Same goes for other forms of communication, in my opinion. Writing, reading, listening and speaking all are important for people like us.

Sorry.. by "people like us" I mean people who stare at their computer screens alone in their basements smoking weed, and waiting for their friends to text back. That's me. Hit me back bro!

JK.. I'm awful at texting, but this blog isn't about texting it's about BLOGGING .. sheesh .. where has the time gone?

And It Was Good has gone thru a lot of changes over the year and a half that we've been eating glass. It starts with the people that support us, and all we do is for your entertainment. We're a stubborn bunch of hard headed ambitious folks ... None of this still has to do with blogging... or is that just what a blog is.. a collection of thoughts, put into words, and aligned neatly on a page that you read while you poop.

Writing is a more intimate way of communicating in my opinion. Your mind is a fucked up place, and not having your mouth has an emergency "SHUT THE FUCK UP" valve to be closed off when thing's start getting weird. Example... would you rather eat a piece of chicken that's been marinated in pee or have to wear someone else's clothes that is smaller than you for a year?

Blogging doesn't have that valve shut off button.. It's a stream of consciousness, and I hope that it comes out alright. It's already going pretty well I would say... don't you think?

Blogging. Writing. Practicing your speech through writing. Practice, practice, practice.

I bet writing letters back in the day was such shit. You had to take your time with your writing, because the person you were writing just wasn't going to get it the next day.. or next week .. Maybe next week... Probably a week depending on how far back we go or where exactly we're talking about. If you fucked up in a letter.. You were in for some shit. Change dinner plans? Nah. Forget to pay a bill? You're in the hole for next month too. Send warm regards to a dying cancer patient? They croaked before the ink dries, homie.

Texting. Texting is nice. Texting is like a mini phone-blog. More like a machine gun, and writing letters is like a sniper rifle. Don't miss or Aunt Cathy is coming with the hatchet when you change your coffee date, and then the postman's horse dies along the way.

This has been a blog.

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