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Who said cannabis was bad?

Cannabis has been thrown under the bus for decades, and it continues to be misrepresented in the mainstream media. Why? Why is there so much ill-will towards cannabis? Look at how long a plant we made partially illegal in the 1930s and fully illegal in the 1970s has been scrutinized. Please consider that the cannabis plant was one of the earliest forms of medicine; dating back to 5000bc in southeast China.

Doesn't that make you curious as to what the real reason for the banning is? Large propaganda campaigns in the early 1900s portrayed cannabis in a poor light, and even gave it a new name!

"Marijuana" or "Marihuana"

Harry Anslinger (born May 20, 1892) was the evil-idiot behind all this fake news. Harry first rose to fame in the whisteblower archives when he was 23 by investigating and proving fraudulent; a claim from a widow for $50,000 for a railroad accident. Good for him.. I'm sure the railroad probably didn't hurt anyone.. and that widow probably selfishly wanted to make money instead of to mourn her dead husband....... BUT PERHAPS HARRY WAS DOING THE RIGHT THING SO WE WILL LET HIM GO BECAUSE WE CANNOT FIND ANY DATA ON THIS CASE AND IN THE USA WE ARE INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY.

Well, Harry sure helps us point the finger right at him later on in his life. Please enjoy this excerpt about Harry's later years, and try not to hate the guy too much.

Later in his career, Anslinger was scrutinized for insubordination by refusing to desist from an attempt to halt the ABA/AMA Joint Report on Narcotic Addiction, a publication edited by the sociology Professor Alfred R. Lindesmith of Indiana University.[39] Among other works, Lindesmith wrote Opiate Addiction (1947), The Addict and the Law (1965), and a number of articles condemning the criminalization of addiction. Nearly everything Lindesmith did was critical of the War on Drugs, and he specifically condemned Anslinger's role. The AMA/ABA controversy is sometimes credited with ending Anslinger's position of Commissioner of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics. [40]

Well, well, well.. this dude Harry was OBSESSED with warring against drugs. He blatantly disregarded orders to cease attempting to halt a report shining a light onto the pro-cannabis argument aka he was trying to stop THE TRUTH.

In his later years Anslinger also suffered a mental breakdown characterized by intense paranoia and irrational thoughts, such as believing that addiction was 'contagious' and addicts had to be 'quarantined' or talking about 'secret plots' throughout the world; he was eventually hospitalized because of this breakdown.[41]

Is it just me or does this dude sound like he's been smoking too much cannabis? If there ever was such a thing.... LOL HAHA LMAO ROTFL ... I digress.

This guy Harry sounds like he's a big conspiracy buff. He would fit right in with the rest of us.. I would imagine if you, YOURSELF, are running a giant conspiracy to "protect America from addiction" then conspiracy theories MIGHT be at the top of your mind. Or perhaps, the guilt associated with throwing thousands upon thousands of pot smokers into jail unnecessarily really gets to a person.

I really am interested to know more about these conspiracies that drove him mad.. I've only ever heard of "conspiracies" from pro-cannabis folks about the unfair playing field provided by the government... cough cough... Those stories are becoming fact more and more each day.

Anslinger was surprised to be re-appointed by President John F. Kennedy in February 1961.

You. Have. Got. To. Be. Kidding.

He has a complete mental breakdown, openly disobeys orders, GETS CHECKED INTO A HOSPITAL, but since they don't have anyone else..? They appoint old Hare Bear. Luckily only about a year passed before he retired at 70 years of age. Oh, by the way, during that one year under JFK he was making over $140,000/year just on his salary (adjusted for inflation).

By 1973, Anslinger was completely blind, had a debilitatingly enlarged prostate gland, and suffered from angina. Ironically, when he died Anslinger was addicted to morphine which had been prescribed for him for his heart angina.[45]

Bruh... I hate to laugh at a person on their death bed, and can feel for anyone going through pain like that.. BUT doesn't it make you feel a little bit better knowing this dude was addicted to morphine at the end of his life? I know, I know.. It really is sad, but this guy spent his entire life battling a "drug" that is the perfect solution for addiction, and could have helped with is other ailments as well!

It saddens me that folks are so misinformed about cannabis due to this mans propaganda campaign that they too suffer from addiction, and illnesses that cannabis can ultimately provide the relief they need. If it wasn't clear already.. it has to be now.. Cannabis can help people live healthier, fuller lives, and the more and more people fight the implementation of medical cannabis the more people get hurt.

Additionally, Anslinger himself provided morphine to Senator Joseph McCarthy who was addicted to both alcohol and morphine; at first Anslinger tried to persuade McCarthy to quit morphine but when he reminded him of the potential scandal that would be potentially damaging for the nation, Anslinger relented and secured a steady supply of free morphine, paid for by the bureau, to McCarthy from a local drugstore until McCarthy's death.[46]

I am so done with this guy, and the FBI.

On November 14, 1975, at 1 p.m., Anslinger died of heart failure at the former Mercy Hospital


“Doctors,” he said knowingly, “cannot treat addicts even if they wish to.” He called instead for “tough judges not afraid to throw killer-pushers into prison and throw away the key.”

This was taken from an article about Anslinger. How sweet it is to hear those words.. Big Bad Harry was the true criminal, and a tough judge should have thrown his killer-pusher ass into prison and thrown away the key.

To me, this shows the power that one person can have.. good or bad. Another reason why at AIWG we're dedicated to providing the truth about cannabis, because enough is enough.

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